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7 Breast Health Tips Every Woman Should Follow



All the women around the world know that doing regular screenings in the form of mammograms and thermograms contributes to breast health. But in reality, there is more to it than doing tests. Certain tweaks in diet, exercise and a few more proactive steps contribute to better breast health and better wellbeing overall. Here are a few more useful tips for women to follow when it comes to breast health: 

  • Working out smarter, not necessarily harder – there is no denying the fact that physical exercise is good for women. It not only contributes to good health and wellbeing but also wards off breast cancer. But just how much physical exercise is a good idea? Turns out the right amount revolves around the 150-minute mark for moderate-level aerobic exercise, or five sessions of 30 minutes per week. This proved enough to lead to a reduction in biomarkers in the body, which are associated with a higher risk of breast cancer – hormones like estrone, insulin and estradiol. Various exercises work well, including fast walking, swimming, cycling etc. 

  • Good support for breasts – women need to be pickier of the bras they wear if they don’t want to risk breast tissue stretching and descending. Bras that provide good support are essential. In reality, bra size is very important and it is something that fluctuates, primarily due to weight loss. Sports bras need to be doing their job, preventing breast tissue from stretching during movement. 

  • Weight management – being overweight is one of the primary risk factors for developing post-menopausal breast cancer. However, losing weight is also associated with reversed risk, meaning this should be a mission for every woman out there. The results of many surveys and research over the years show that for women who lose weight, the risk for breast cancer reduces in comparison to women, who remain the same weight. So implementing proper physical exercise routines, as well as a proper diet, is of utmost importance. 

  • Knowing one’s breasts – sometimes, doctors recommend the so-called self-breast exam. This is a process in which a woman does a self-exam of her breasts, but that is not always effective. It can lead to anxiety and a lot of false alarms. It is much better to consider breast self-awareness. Simply knowing one’s breasts allows for an easier process of picking up changes. 

  • Giving breast skin some love – women sometimes worry too much for the inside, completely ignoring the outside of breasts. The skin there can get very itchy, dry and sensitive. Because it is more delicate than other areas of the body, it needs some attention. Moisturising the area is essential, as is keeping the skin safe from extensive sun rays. This will prevent collagen breakdown and retain the elastin within the skin. 

  • Reduce alcohol – another well-known risk factor for breast cancer is alcohol consumption. For women who regularly have two drinks of alcohol per day, the risk of breast cancer is higher. That is because alcohol increases oestrogen in the body, which then contributes to hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer.

  • Understanding family history – any breast cancer history on either side of the family can increase the risk of developing breast cancer in women. And for those who have a very strong family history with breast cancer, i.e. they have a mother, sister or child with breast cancer, it is worth doing a genetic test for the BRCA gene mutation. 

Obviously, there is a lot that women can do to reduce the risks of breast cancer and improve their health. 

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